About Meda

My work.

I enjoy capturing photos with an unstaged yet artistic feel: those little candid moments that might otherwise pass unnoticed – freezing a split second of real laughter, sincere connections, fun and silliness. As a photographer I want to record your family’s unique personality, not just take a pretty picture. My goal is to provide you with meaningful photos that will remind you exactly how you felt that day when you look back many years later.

If I’m photographing an event I follow the same ideal. You’ll be able to enjoy your celebration to the fullest without much interruption from me. I’ve found a way to capture beautiful images without interrupting conversations or asking people to pose. I jokingly call it “paparazzi style” photography 🙂

My story.

I grew up in Lithuania where a central childhood highlight was showing off my collection of colorful candy wrappers that my mother had brought back from a trip to America. After a few years of piecemeal relocations and immigration paperwork with my family, I’m now a Lithuanian transplant living in the LA area. I began my American adventure as a 20 year old going door to door trying to make a living in real estate. A few years later I began crashing courses at local community college out of an urge to expand my interests and meet some friends my own age. I eventually ended up in a black and white film photography class and things finally started to click. Working with the old manual cameras, along with the surreal, chemical soaked, atmosphere of the dark room, triggered a “need to create” I never knew I had. Since then I’ve been playfully experimenting with still images. Other than that, I love eating blueberries, making silly faces at my son and daughter, watching Ted.com videos, getting lost, and the smell of Jasmine. I hope one day I can have a pet wallaby.