No “Say Cheese!” Just Real Smiles

I love capturing little candid moments that might otherwise pass unnoticed – finding and freezing a split second of true laughter, a sincere connection, fun and silliness. I prefer to let things happen more naturally instead of relying on posing. This allows people to be more natural and relaxed rather than stiff and uncomfortable. Instead of everyone wearing their “say cheese” smile, we get frozen moments of true family connection and character.

My sessions are designed to be easy and fun. Freed from the limitations of having to hold a pose, parents do not have to stress out about their toddler not following directions. Instead of directing them I engage them with games, tricks and fun interactions. They feel as if they came to play and want to come back again. When we setup our session this way, even Dads can have a good time!

Cries Fade. Children Grow. Art Lasts.

I’m passionate about keeping visual memories alive in your home. In this digital world of hundreds of photos taken each day, we fall under a false sense of security that our memories are there for us to enjoy anytime we like. Our digital memories are often no more than files which we rarely accessed and our children seldom see. They are hidden in our computers, the cloud, external hard drives, etc. It takes so much effort to simply locate and sift through them that it’s rare for anyone to take the time.

I know this first hand. I have so many gorgeous photos of my children, but the only ones I remember are the ones that are hanging on my walls or printed in the books on my coffee table. Every other month my son pulls the books out and asks me to tell him stories about the photos from when he was a baby, a birthday party, or when he was two years old. I want to make sure your family’s visual memories are also preserved in a way where you can easily interact with and enjoy them!

Life is hectic. Even though we may have the best of intentions, things that have no sense of urgency rarely get done. I find this is so often the case with capturing, picking, deciding how to best present our family memories. That’s why when we work together to capture this special time, I remain involved and hold your hand through the whole process: from taking photos to hanging them on the wall. What better way to decorate your home than with your most precious memories and faces?

My Story.

I grew up in Lithuania where a central childhood highlight was showing off my collection of colorful candy wrappers that my mother had brought back from a trip to America. After a few years of piecemeal relocations and immigration paperwork with my family, I’m now a Lithuanian transplant living in the LA area. I began my American adventure as a 20 year old going door to door trying to make a living in real estate. A few years later I began crashing courses at local community college out of an urge to expand my interests and meet some friends my own age. I eventually ended up in a black and white film photography class and things finally started to click. Working with the old manual cameras, along with the surreal, chemical soaked, atmosphere of the dark room, triggered a “need to create” I never knew I had. Since then I’ve been playfully experimenting with still images. Other than that, I love eating blueberries, making silly faces at my son and daughter, watching videos, getting lost, and the smell of Jasmine. I hope one day I can have a pet wallaby.